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With National Security adviser John Bolton travelling to Russia
this week to prepare for a summit between Presidents Trump
and Putin, it appears that, finally, the two world leaders will
have an opportunity to meet. If the meeting does occur, it will
represent a decisive defeat for those who have dedicated the
last two years to prevent such a summit, including through
the fraudulent narrative of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S.
election, and Trump’s collusion with the meddlers in order to
get elected.

While Trump has had useful, impromptu meetings with
Putin on the sidelines of conferences in Hamburg, Germany
(G20) and in Vietnam (APEC summit) the “Russiagate” scandal
in the United States has definitely constrained the President
from pursuing, as he had promised during the campaign, a
friendly, cooperative relationship with Russia, to jointly resolve
hot spots such as Ukraine and Syria. And, indeed, preventing
that has been the primary purpose of the unprecedented “witch
hunt” against the duly elected President of the United States.
Vladimir Putin has also been “demonized” by the “British Empire
faction” to a truly grotesque point.

Trump’s determination was addressed in an article in the
New Yorker magazine on June 15 by Susan Glasser. “There’s
no stopping him,” a senior administration official told her. “He’s
going to do it. He wants to have a meeting with Putin, so
he’s going to have a meeting with Putin.” Trump showed a
similar resolve in his insistence on organizing a summit with
North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un, which he carried out “in
spite of his advisers, not because of them, and with little genuine
support from either Republicans or Democrats,” Glasser
writes. He “has increasingly acted like a President unbound,”
she concludes, “undeterred by the troublesome politics that
would make a Putin summit unimaginable at this point in any
other Presidency.”

Trump has been emboldened to go for a summit now by
two parallel developments. First was the success of his meeting
with North Korea’s Kim, which resulted from the intent of the
two leaders to avoid a war, and from close diplomatic collaboration
between the U.S. President and his counterparts from
China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. This collaboration going
forward will be crucial in preventing the imperial, geopolitical
forces from carrying out their agenda.

Second has been the ongoing unravelling of Russiagate. Revelations
from the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Inspector General’s
report, released last week, show a pattern of biased and
illegal actions of DOJ and FBI officials, first in the attempt to
prevent Trump’s election and then to remove him from office
in one way or another (cf. SAS 24, 25/18).

The non-stop hype around Trump’s “cruel” policies of separating
immigrant children from their parents at the border —
which was ignored by the media when it was done by President
Obama — has been used to divert attention from both the success
of the Singapore summit and the spectacular collapse of
the Mueller “witch hunt.”


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